Water Heater Repair And Maintenance

Whether you need hot water to wash your dishes or need lukewarm water for cleaning your clothes, a reliable water heater can be the ultimate solution to all your household chores in cold climatic conditions. One can never think of having a shower with cold water at a temperature of minus 2 degrees. At this point, a water heater can be your best friend. These are very important to perform your day-to-day task, but unfortunately, most of you overlook its role.

People are curious to know about the working of a water heater, especially, when they are tackling some of the most common problems with the water heater. Does your water heater leave standing water around its base? Have you noticed that your water heater is not making the water warm? These are the few conditions that are a clear indicator that your water heater might need repairs or maintenance.

Without a prominent water heater, not only you have to take bath with cold water but your cloth and dishes won’t be properly cleaned and sanitized. This will ultimately lead to the dysfunction of your whole housing system. Now the question is how you will identify that your hot water heater is not working or is not performing up to the capacity.


  • Condition – 1

The basic purpose of the water heater is to increase the temperature of the water. If it is not doing so, that means it is not working.

  • Condition – 2

In case, your hot water heater is heating the water appropriately but the water runs out quickly. This is also the situation when you need to hire technicians.

  • Condition – 3

In case, your water heater is producing strange or loud noises.

This is also a great sign of having a defective water heater.

  • Condition – 4

In case, your water heater is producing cloudy water. If any of the above cases are taking place with you, then you need to get in touch with the technicians. At Spring Side Services, our experts will give you expert services from a qualified HVAC repair technician dealing in water heater service and replacement for years. No matter what issue you are dealing with or how old your water heater is, our team of experts will troubleshoot your problems by following the right procedure. Starting with determining the problem, our experts work on finding the right solution. Whether you need assistance regarding replacing the anode rod or you want to reset the thermostat or you want to relight the pilot light, we have solutions regarding all issues. We have specialists who are qualified in dealing with gas as well as water heaters. Moreover, we deal in traditional as well as tankless models at Spring Side Services. We are happy to serve you in the best possible way without compromising on the quality factor. We never take any of our clients for granted when it comes to hot water heater repair.

Get Prominent Water Heater Assistance

If you have plans to replace your older water heater or want to buy an oversized water heater that can hold more water and perform better, then you will probably need effective services from professionals. These people know their work and ensure quality results without taking any kind of risk like fire, gas leaks, etc. Never pick an amateur water heater contractor. Always go for HVAC heating and cooling contractors who put your safety in the front end.

It is seen that people face struggles while choosing the right type of water heater. As per the professionals, tankless water heaters are the best of all compared to traditional water heaters that store a sufficient amount of water and heat it up. If that water finishes then you have to wait for another cycle to repeat. On the other hand, tankless water heaters are more convenient to use. It saves your money, time, and effort. It won’t be wrong to say that tankless water heaters are a technical appliance for the new generation of people who want to meet their water heating needs. Believe us, the professionals know better which water heater option will work as per your condition.

Whether you are facing issues with the temperature or your water heater is making weird noises, the professionals at Spring Side Services are always there to give you the best guidance. A normal water heater comes with an expectancy of ten years but with regular maintenance, you can enhance its shelf life.

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